Orchids Western Australia





To be recognised as the overarching orchid body in Western Australia, with professional management practices and delivering a quality service that provides ongoing benefit and enjoyment for its members and quality and informative advice to the community on orchid culture.

In order to achieve the Vision described above, the Organisation needs to plan for the staging of regular events that show case and promote orchids, providing for and encouraging quality commentators on orchid growing; breeding; showing; conservation and judging. Thus ensuring members and the general public have an opportunity to gain greater insight through club membership and or special events to orchid culture for both species and hybrids which can be successfully grown in WA.


To achieve this outcome three categories of events have been identified that will contribute significantly to successfully achieving the vision.

Primary Events

Major Events

Special Events


Primary Events

Club meetings
Public shows at shopping centre's
Public halls and
Other venues

Primary events, are those which can be successfully staged by clubs and are generally run for the benefit of the club.


Major Events


AOC National Conference & Show

Major events, are those which require a coordinated approach by all clubs to achieve success and are run for the benefit of all clubs and to achieve significant public awareness and attendance.

Appeals to a national audience and can attract numerous state and international visitors to the host city.


Special Events

WOC Conference & Show

Special events, are those which require Australian Orchid Council endorsement and can potentially gain support from clubs & State bodies from across Australia.

Appeals to an international audience and attracts numerous state and international visitors to the host city.

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