Orchids Western Australia (Inc)



ORCHIDSWA Business Plan Development


Key Steps:

1. What does the future state look like?
" Where do we want to be?

a. All AOC affiliated and non affiliated orchid groups are members of ORCHIDSWA.
b. ORCHIDSWA is recognised as the governing body for WA orchid organisations
c. ORCHIDSWA is recognised as the representative body for the promotion and development of orchids
d. ORCHIDSWA is recognised as the administrative and coordination mechanism for major events

2. Develop ideal future vision
" Vision
" To be recognised as the overarching orchid body in Western Australia, with professional management practices and delivering a quality service that provides ongoing benefit and enjoyment for its members and quality and informative advice to the community on orchid culture
" Mission
" To take a leadership position in the promotion and conservation of native and hybrid orchid culture and create long term value for a sustainable future.
" Core Values

Core Values
1. Every member body has equal representation and rights
" Relationships which focus on sharing and creating value for all parties.
2. Integrity (of our Mission)
" The promotion of orchids is implicit in all activities
3. Creating and building a legacy.
" Supporting the conservation and preservation of indigenous orchids through scientific research and studies.
4. The courage to lead change.
" As an organisation we accept the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change.
5. Recognise, encourage and respect diversity.
" Embracing diversity to build, engagement, teamwork and trust.

3. Develop Key success Measures/Goals
" How will we know when we get there?

a. All orchid groups are part of ORCHIDSWA
b. 100% implementation of programs
c. The business plan is agreed and adopted by all affiliated groups.
d. Increased membership
e. The formulation of alliances with key stakeholders
f. Financial independence and statutory compliance

4. Develop current state assessment
" Where are we now?
" Conduct SWOT analysis
o Strengths
o Weaknesses
o Opportunities
o Threats


" Preparedness to change
" Commitment to future major events
" Active orchid bodies operating within the state
" Finances under 1 body
" Wealth of experience and desire to promote orchids within WA
" Reasonable preparedness to participate


" Geographical layout of orchid groups within WA
" ORCHIDSWA has only AOC based membership
" No coordination mechanism for various orchid bodies
" ORCHIDSWA not seen as adding value; not well known of- is there trust??
" Clubs and societies are fragmented


" Assistance to manage/set up major events
" Cross fertilisation of information pertaining to orchid culture
" Insurance cost mitigation
" Consolidate alliances with industry groups i.e Kings Park
" Develop effective communication and marketing strategy
" Transition period driven by broad community social change (smaller home yards/indoor and patio plants & culture requirements). NOTE-this could easily be a treated as a threat but we should focus on this as the opportunity not in the negative.
" Comments for discussion; a number of orchid species can provide flowers for 6-8 weeks vs 3-5 days for cut flowers. Cost of orchid at $30.00 vs $15/week for 6-8 weeks-$30 vs say $120. provide cultural notes designed around maintaining plant for indoor/patio use as well growing on. Email network.


" Erosion/loss of membership groups
" Everything stays the same
" Economics
" Aging membership (if so why? is this simply that we have missed grasping the social changes which have resulted in community change to smaller yards/patios and the opportunity to provide a different experience-see opportunity.
" Constitutional restrictions on affiliation to ORCHIDSWA
" Cost structure to sustain membership to AOC/ORCHIDSWA

5. Strategy Development
" Timing ( 3-5 year horizon?)
" Annual review

< 1 year ORCHIDSWA business plan completed
< 1 year Communication & marketing strategy developed
< 1 year Key stakeholders identified
2 - 3 years Affiliation strategy developed
3 - 5 years Constitutional change (or when required)

6. Strategy Implementation
" How do we get there?
" Close the gap from 4 to 1

a. Develop subsidiary/compensatory strategy for clubs
b. Develop marketing strategy implementation
c. Develop communication package and implementation plan
d. Engage key stakeholders
e. Change constitution
f. Develop an identity-see WAOS logo!!!

6. Identify key stakeholders
" Develop strategy to engage

July 2008


Discussion Paper for a
Strategic and Business Plan for ORCHIDSWA


OrchidS Western Australia (ORCHIDSWA) is the official body, constituted and registered, which represents the numerous orchid societies/clubs within Western Australia and which operates under the Australian Orchid Council (AOC) whose constitution objectives are;

1. To advance and promote the culture of orchids for the promotion and development of the horticultural resources of Australia.
2. To formulate, carry out and encourage schemes for the betterment of orchid culture.
3. To receive and disseminate information relating to orchid culture.
4. To advise, receive and disseminate information relating to the judging of orchids and the standards to be adopted for such judging.
5. To provide and maintain a uniform standard of judging and judges throughout Australia.
6. To encourage the cordial exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Council and the wider orchid community in general.
7. To act as the medium for communicating with national orchid organisations outside Australia on behalf of the members of the Council in matters common to such bodies.
8. To disseminate information, in any way that the Council shall think desirable for the promotion and furtherance of its objects.
9. To promote at such times in such places and by such means as it shall decide Orchid Conferences in Australia.
10. To acknowledge outstanding personal service to the Council or to the culture of orchids and for this purpose grant an Honorary Fellowship. For the like scientific service grant an Award of Honour provided always that the membership of those holding such Fellowship and Award shall not exceed 40 living in number at any time.
11. Generally to do all things possible to promote the interests of orchid growers, Australian orchid clubs and societies and the Council.

The ORCHIDSWA's objectives as stated in the constitution are;

1. To advance and promote the culture of orchids for the promotion and development of the horticultural resources of Australia.
2. To formulate, carry out and encourage schemes for the betterment of orchid culture.
3. To receive and disseminate information relating to orchid culture.
4. To encourage the cordial exchange of information and ideas amongst State Societies and clubs affiliated with the Australian Orchid Council.
5. To act when requested to do so on behalf of ORCHIDSWA and for any one or more of the members in connection with any matter pertaining to orchids.
6. Generally where possible to promote the interests of orchid growers, the Western Australian Orchid Societies and Clubs and the Australian Orchid Council Inc.
7. To promote and support the Australian Orchid Foundation.
8. The property and income of the organisation shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects or purposes of the organisation and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed directly or indirectly, to members of the organisation, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects or purposes after prior approval having been given at a meeting of members.
9. As directed by AOC to operate and administer the Area Representative Organisation for the State of Western Australia.

Why develop a business plan

In 2005 ORCHIDSWA successfully organised and ran the Western Australia Orchid Spectacular (WAOS) at Fremantle and has subsequently embarked on another WAOS event, which will be conducted at the Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre in September 2008.

A major benefit achieved in staging WAOS 2008, has been the sizable financial support/grant obtained from Lotterywest. This provides the security of underwriting significant costs of staging the event and ensuring extensive advertising and promotion of the event can be undertaken to encourage greater public attendance to the event and therefore wide promotion of orchid culture.

Western Australia through the Northern Districts Orchid Society has been granted the 2012 AOC Conference and Show, which will require significant sponsorship if this event is to be successfully staged. Discussions with Lotterywest and the Western Australian Tourism Commission, who are keen to see such an event held in Perth, suggest that significant funding could be available however ORCHIDSWA will need to demonstrate that it is has good governance and management procedures, is capable of undertaking such an event and has the requisite resources, both human and financial. Records of meetings, audit reports, financial statements and a business strategy/plan will be required in seeking and potentially gaining a grant of the size required to stage the 2012 AOC Conference and Show. This is based on holding the event at a venue such as the Burswood complex.

Additionally a business plan would provide clarity for member clubs and their members on the approach being taken by the organisation (ORCHIDSWA) that represents them and is responsible for the promotion of orchid culture within WA. It encourages the development of a shared vision of the future and communicates core values and strategies. It aligns member groups, reduces conflict and makes decision making easier ensuring a more effective executive body (ORCHIDSWA).

The ORCHIDSWA Rules (as does the AOC Constitution) clearly defines the regulations under which the organisation shall operate. In recent times ORCHIDSWA has registered for GST, which is an important criteria in obtaining sizable grants from bodies such as Lotterywest, and which would also be required by corporate sponsors.

Purpose and Vision

The purpose of the orchid organisation (ORCHIDSWA) as an entity is to provide information and the promotion of orchid culture for the enjoyment of its members. Members vest the authority to manage the organisation in a member elected Committee of Management whose functions and authority are prescribed in the organisations constitution.

As an incorporated entity the organisation is intended to exist in perpetuity and so in addition to having a clearly enunciated purpose, sound management practice it also requires the development (and periodic update by successive Committee of Managements) of a strategic plan which is underpinned by a clear and broadly supported vision to guide the future development of the Organisation.

Management's Vision for ORCHIDSWA is;

"To be recognised as the overarching orchid body in Western Australia, with professional management practices and delivering a quality service that provides ongoing benefit and enjoyment for its members and quality and informative advice to the community on orchid culture."

The Vision statement is an important guidepost for future decisions to be taken by the Committee of Management. On the one hand, it sets boundaries in describing the type of activities that the organisation can legitimately pursue and on the other, it describes the inspirational or strategic goal for what members want to archive in a 5-10 year time frame.

Although the Strategic and Business Plan sets out goals over a five to ten year period it should be considered a live document requiring regular review (annually) taking into account progress in meeting the goals laid out in this document or as otherwise determined by the Organisation. Regular review and amendment will ensure current and incoming Committee of Management members are as up-to-date as possible to ensure the effective management of the organisation and in meeting member expectations.


In order to achieve the Vision described above, the Organisation needs to plan for the staging of regular events, show casing and promoting orchids, providing and or encouraging quality commentators on orchid growing; breeding; showing; and judging, that ensure members and the public in general have an opportunity to gain greater insight, through club membership and or special events, to orchid cultural for both species and hybrids which can be successfully grown in WA.

The Strategy to achieve this level of promotion and increased membership and access to quality events is to invest in a series of affordable (possibly using accrued funds) projects to progressively improve our knowledge and to undertake larger promotional showcase events while ensuring member clubs prosper and have the capability to promote themselves and orchid culture to the broader community.

The term affordable in the context of this document is defined as being, funds which are available to the club from its own funds and or which can be generated from special event registrations and other associated event activities or obtained through sponsorship from either the business community or Government agencies.

The term regular events in the context of this document apply to two propositions;
" Club activities, which are generally held monthly at a local hall or similar and club shows and displays which are held between one and up to 10 times during the course of each annual flowering season at local shopping centers and or halls at which the local community is invited to attend and learn about orchid culture.
" Organisation activities, which may occur every 2-3 years involving a host club supported by the other member societies in staging lager scale special events which include lectures, orchid show and displays run over a number of days, generally 3-5, which attracts commercial operators and business sponsorship and is held in a major public facility so that orchid culture can be promoted to the boarder community.

July 2008